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Awarded Copywriting That Engages Your Customers

A Team Of Highly Experienced Copywriters & Opportunity For Disadvantaged Youth & Mothers

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About Us

Your objectives come first. We maybe awarded but what does that mean? It means we listen to what you need for your copy to deliver great results and being awarded means we have met your objectives with creativity and engaged your customers.

We are a social enterprise that gives the opportunity to disadvantaged young people & mothers a chance to shine, to work on your projects, to help them develop a career as a copywriter. 

This is at the heart of what we do. What started off with helping a USA initiative we have brought to Australia.

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Why We Do What We Do?

Social Enterprise

We believe that any young person whether disadvantaged, a young mother in care after running away from an abusive situation, deserves the right to training experience in a difficult circumstance to eventually lift them into a self supporting circumstance and work they can be proud of.

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What We Deliver To You Is Good Copy

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Copy That Engages & Does Good

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I Guess You Should Know About Our Credentials?

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We both come from both copywriting backgrounds in the advertising industry as well as straight copywriters.

Richard has had over 20 years as an award winning copywriter in some of the biggest and smallest agencies.

Duncan has been writing copy since 2006, starting off in Public Relations then moving into straight straight copywriting and ad copy. He is also awarded.

Domestic Violence Victims Are Not AI Robots - They Need Your Help Campaign

100% AI generated voice over, call out campaign to employers & training organisations to help women in care. Intentionally made to sound like robots. They are not robots, they have been dehumanised, they are women fleeing from a desperate situation and need your help which you can find a list of domestic violence support organisations on government lists in your state, or peak body websites, make contact and potentially develop a corporate relationship with a suitable organisation.

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